Games of March

Hey guys and gals, Mas and Se here again. Thanks for coming to check out the very first post on our electronics blog, we hope it will not disappoint.

This March is a great time to be a gamer. Not only is the Nintendo Switch being released with a plethora of its own games as well as full access to the Nintendo vault, but so many great games are being released to follow up on the great released from February. The first one if of course the eagerly anticipated new Zelda game, the Legend of Zelda breath of the Wild. This game tries to break away from the traditional Zelda archetype, and now features a fully explorable open world as well as voice acting, high definition graphics and the ability to enter dungeons in whatever order the player chooses.

For the more action based gamers, we suggest the new Tom Clancy game Ghost Recon Wildlands. The game is set in modern day Bolivia, with the player taking command of a special forces unit known as a Ghost. The Ghosts are tasked with disabling the threats from the growing drug cartels in the country and with a new dynamic day and night cycle the game is more strategic than ever.

Possibly the game people have been waiting for the longest, Mass Effect Andromeda is going to be released towards the end of the month. This game sees you going to the nearby Andromeda galaxy as you get swept up in a mass colonization from the four major species in the wake of the calamity from the last game in the series.

Those are some of the bigger games coming out this month. Did we miss any that you are waiting for? Let us know in the comments section below, and remember to have an amazing day everyone. Peace!



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