Futuristic Electronic Hotels?

What’s up everyone, how are you all doing today? It is just Mas here today, we both took a trip to New York on the weekend and Se is staying for a couple extra days so I figured I would post this one without him (ha ha). This may seem like a strange post for a computers and electronics blog, but I felt it was warranted anyways. We had a hard time finding somewhere to stay in New York City, and AirBnB isn’t as great there as it once was thanks to all the lawsuits from the city. So we couldn’t find somewhere on there, and all the major hotels are really expensive. That was when we found this new breed of hotels, which are essentially all electronic hotel. We walked in the lobby and saw only a computer for a front desk that you just tap and swipe at to select your room and ready your key.

It seems these hotels are popping up to compete with AirBnB but also to offer a more electronic friendly experience. Not only is there amazing wifi through the whole building and stock tickers at the elevators so you can check our IPO, but the rooms themselves are fully automated. When you walk into the smallish room, you notice three things-the bed, the window and a flat screen TV. The TV is completely controlled by an Ipad on the bedside table, and the Ipad also controls every aspect in the room. You can set it to wake you up at 6 am, the blinds slowly roll up to reveal the early morning skyline which is followed by a morning light setting from the dimmer switch and then a calm voice counting down for your audio alarm. An amazing way to wake up.

If you guys get a chance, look at these electronic hotels. For the antisocial guests (me!) it is perfect, and for those travelling at odd times it is perfect as well. Let me know if you have experienced these before in comments below, and be sure to come back next week for our new post!

electronic hotel


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