Welcome to our computers Blog!

Hello everyone, my name is Mas and my name is Se and this is our joint computers and electronics blog! We are identical twins who live together (weird isn’t it) in London. As with most twins, we do everything together and share everything. Both of us went to the United States to get computer engineering degrees at UCF Berkeley and then moved back to London and started up our own design studio. Currently we have been working on a lot of mobile apps, but previously we have worked with Youtubers to help them make their page look amazing and we even did some specially catered games for Youtubers.

As you can hopefully tell, computers and electronics are a huge passion of ours. Se actually built his first robot at 9 out of the motor from an electric toothbrush and bottles of empty shampoo as a body. That is why we think that our electronics blog will be the best, and that everyone will want to come and read it. I hope that proves to be true and we will try our best to only give you high quality content. See you again soon!


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